This is the best and only website of mine.

My name is Przemysław Buczkowski. I live in London. I work at my own little software consultancy, Chihiro Software Ltd doing Python, cloud and security engineering.

I usually go by handle przemub on the net and Prem in my daily English-speaking life, since I don't like to have others' tongues tangled. Are you up to the challenge? Have some glorious IPA: /pʂɛ'mɨ.swaf but͡ʂ'kɔ and a guide to Polish names' pronounciation by yours truly!

I have worked under Prof. Pasquale Malacaria on a tool generating an optimal investment portfolio for cyber-security: check it out!

When I am not trying to get my head around the maths used in the optimisation routine above, I like doing cool stuff like polinux (translating Linux kernel messages to Polish in order to understand the internal workings of the kernel and bring it closer to the hearts of my nationals). I established a CTF team Armia Prezesa — I regretfully have no time to participate in the competitions as often as in the days long bygone but I will be back!

Now, for that full 90's feeling:

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